The Evolution of Accent

The Man

Accent is driven by Lionel CLAUS who has a passion for Real Estate. Born in Belgium in a multi cultural family, Lionel has a rich history in European design and real estate. His father served his career in construction and his Grandfather was a plumber. Both being entrepreneurs, Lionel is just following their path… Each summer whilst growing up and during his early career, Lionel was sent to be an apprentice to a different master craftsman in a different trade.

His love for residential renovations, particularly large residential renovations, grew as his understanding of his profession increased. The experience and knowledge he gained has set him up to truly understand quality construction and the need to attend to the details.

Before moving in to the Calgary construction business, Lionel lived across Europe, obtained a BA in business in Brussels (Belgium). French is his native language, but he is also fluent in English and Spanish. This rich cultural mix has always been firmly entrenched in his career passion – the construction industry.

The Dream

Lionel has always been an active businessman and knew that the construction industry in Calgary was place where he could pursue his dream of quality and design. He felt Canada was a pioneer country that embraced art in construction and moved his family to Alberta in 2009. He started out as a property manager using his time to understand the property industry, actively becoming involved in every aspect of residential renovations that he could and gaining valuable experience in real estate, renovations, property management and making contacts that kept him at the fore front of the construction business.

Moving country is not for the feint hearted, but with his excellent, quality training in the fields of Europe and a knowledge that service is important to a successful project and his passion for residential renovations, Lionel started his company after a couple of years establishing himself in the Calgary construction industry. With sheer hard work, determination and applying the knowledge he has gained from around the world, Accent was born and quickly began to flourish.

The Business

Lionel knows business. His degree in Business management equips him with the knowledge of how to run a successful company, and his passion for real estate drives him to seek out the best team to support that vision. By surrounding himself with people who have complimenting knowledge but the same drive and values, Lionel is able to provide a complete, quality service. He has selected a group of quality professionals in his contacting, real estate team, Lawyer, accountant, broker and marketing studio that work together to produce European inspired residential renovations and superior Calgary construction. His attention to detail spreads into is business ethos and provides the drive it needs for quick growth and ultimate success.

Whatever your residential renovation or Calgary construction needs, you can trust Lionel to provide you with a quality project, driven by his passion and your vision, handled by professionals who care about you and your project. Contact him and see how he can help you build or remodel a beautiful European inspired quality home that is stylish, practical and individual. You’ll find the experience from beginning to end like being at home with friends.

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