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Accents Unequalled Attention to Detail

Your home will probably be the biggest investment you ever make. A lot of time, energy and emotion go into selecting and purchasing a home that you love and want to live in. Everyone wants to make their home reflect their personality and to be comfortable, but some homes take more work to achieve that than others. Home remodelling is one way to truly make renovations that stamp your style on to your living space. We at Accent take pride in the details of home remodelling and it’s the details that make the difference.

European Designs

Accent is owned and operated by a family that has a rich history art and design mixed with quality construction and renovations. Strongly influenced by European designs, Accent looks at every project in detail and the options they have to make something special, finding art in construction and bringing life to the design. The combination of material on every project is carefully selected to make sure that the finished home is stylish and practical, with artistic finishing’s that reflect quality and design. Every project needs the right balance of wood, glass, stone and metal but also knowledge of what works together. Accent as a company has many years of experience in European designs and that experience ensures that the project finish is exactly what you want.

The Accent Partnership

Our goal at Accent is to work as a partnership with you to create the perfect home remodelling. We value our clients input and work hard at building their home, but also work hard on building a relationship so that the project is a true collaboration of style between friends. We provide the knowledge of construction and artistic European designs and you provide the vision. By working together and exchanging ideas we can bring the art out in construction.

Investing in a Vision

In recent years the success of Accents home remodelling and construction lead to an opportunity to do renovations on bigger properties. Investment properties were purchased and remodelled using the vision of art in construction and upon release, were all sold almost immediately. The combination of high quality, expert experience and European designs has been very well received and continues to be the theme of our successful current investment properties.

Whatever your needs to make your home your own, we can help create, remodel or build a beautiful, high quality home that you will love to live in. We care about the details, and about the experience you have. Let us show you how to make your home a work of art as a team, and Accent your home with art.

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